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The All-Stars..

The All-Star Orchestra gives you a front row seat to the world’s greatest music and the map to an unforgettable musical journey. The All-Star Orchestra began with a commitment to classical music education and contemporary American composers. We invited leading musicians from American orchestras to be a part of it.

And we created a partnership with the Khan Academy so that more people can enjoy, explore, and experience the life-changing wonder of classical music. The All-Star Orchestra’s thrilling performances, filmed in high-definition with multiple cameras surround and embedded within the orchestra, have won FOUR Emmy® awards.

Jones and Meyers

Music from All Ages, for All Ages. The All-Star Orchestra features popular symphonic scores along with brilliant new work by contemporary American composers.

And in addition to experiencing the music itself, you’ll learn what goes into composing, conducting, and performing each piece through interviews with the conductor, musicians, composers, and special guests. There is a world of classical music waiting. The All-Star Orchestra makes it easier than ever to discover and enjoy.

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Winner of 6 Emmy Awards